Prime Meals and The Value of Meal Prepping

Prime Meals and The Value of Meal Prepping

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Prime Meals is a all-in-one Meal Service Provider (MSP) of healthy alternatives to the fast food industry which comes at a huge cost on our health and well-being. We Prime Meals set out to make the meals that we produce not only nutritious and delicious but also affordable. At Prime Meals we offer 50+ different meal options, changing every week for members to enjoy and lack boredom. The difficulties that we see now is that there is no time to waste for the average person. So in some way or another we have given our members the ability to buy their time and budget accordingly.

Let’s admit, grocery shopping for ourselves and our family takes time, time that takes a toll on our daily productivity. That’s only the first step of trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Prepping our ingredients such as vegetables, protein and starches also required time out of our busy schedule. The average person will spend an hour to two at the grocery store another 45 minutes to an hour and a half preparing the ingredients, and lastly three hours cooking and seasoning. All this so that a properly portioned meal or meals are available for the next two to three days.

In today’s house hold cooking, we would be lucky to get 2 or 3 days of shelf life without freezing the meals first. Lets be real about this as well, how many people can really enjoy eating frozen food? If we were to simply calculate the time mentioned above, we would immediately identify that 2 times a week we would be required to spend roughly 10 – 12 hours just shopping, prepping, cooking and packaging our meals so that we can consume a healthier alternative to what is currently being sold at the fast food chains and our local market. If we were to simply put a dollar figure to this time, we would realize the value of a properly prepared nutritious meal. If we were to say the person is paid at work $15/hour and we place that value on the time we just mentioned above, we are looking at a cost of just in labor upwards of about $180 at 2 time per week because we need to repeat this process every 3 to 4 days.

Prime Meals is the best solution to an affordable meal delivered to your door. The meals delivered are all in specially made containers that once sealed packaged and refrigerated correctly, can naturally preserve the meals for up to 12 days. This is due to our Oxygen Flush Technology (OFT) that helps remove all the oxygen from the packaged meal before sealing. Very similar to vacuum sealing without damaging or causing pressure to the cooked meal. This has been the best method in preserving the meals naturally, keep the food as good in flavor and texture as the day it was prepared. We as individuals enjoy a great meal and by having the ability to heat and eat a great meal within 3 minutes is not magical enough. We take extra pride in flavoring the food we prepare for our members. That all being said, we must cover the simple fact that the average person is known to possibly have about 5-6 recipes they may be aware of off the top of their head. This is without opening a cookbook or googling some recipe online. Prime Meals has 3 Chef’s in the kitchen with an additional 6 prep and cook staff to create every one of our nutritiously prepared meals. This is our army of staff to help our members receive a meal that is like no other. We are set to accommodate every person out there that is looking to maintain or start a healthier lifestyle. We invested in our kitchen and our technology to make every aspect of Prime Meals simple and convenient to our members weekly routine in mind.

With meals as low as $7.49/meal, this is the best solution to starting or maintaining a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle. Meal delivery services have always been at a higher rate and continue to make it expensive and to some, impossible to afford until Prime Meals came along and change the game. We believe in word of mouth and the power our members have in their voice. So we made sure that our members are always rewarded when sharing our product with friends and family. Our members can reduce the price of their weekly meals by simply sharing their code with others. When the invited individual signs up and orders meals, the invite (our member) receives credit towards their next delivery. We gave sharing and caring a whole new meaning as it also now rewarding.

Prime Meals has thought of every viable solution to our members requests. If it’s delivery or meal selections, we have made it a priority to create the proper software and gear the correct path to accommodate our every changing requirement for our services. We’ve created multiple software updates since we’ve launched our company back in November of 2021. We have increased the number of menus from 4 to 8 and continue to grow every week with new and exciting flavors and sauces all made from scratch. We value our members feedback and take every suggestion into consideration. Our members and their ideas help shape our services as it deems fit. We will always priorities our quality and the affordability of our products to our members as consistency is the key to our success.

Prime Meals will continue to reward our members for sharing us with their friends. We will continue to make our meals affordable and exciting. Meal prepping will no longer be a chore more than it is something to look forward to. Menus for our meal selections will always change and provide a growing value for our previous and or new members alike. Our cost per meal will always gear towards making them affordable to all that desire a healthier lifestyle as well as the ability to provide signature meals curated by top chefs in the industry. We hope to continue on to this path of invigorating and exciting meal preps not only to South East Florida, rather all to all of Florida and the surrounding states.

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