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  • Prime Fresh Meals

    Our meals are FRESH, never ever frozen and curated from the finest hand- picked ingredients available, this includes all our mouthwatering sauces.

  • Chef Prepared

    Chef designed and prepared with multiple years of experience in the culinary arts you’ll be amazed how delicious and nutritious our meals are.

  • Nutritionist Directed

    Nutritionist inspired ingredients to help reach your most desired health goals.


Group 903


50+ menu of all-natural dishes

Group 900


Cooked by chefs and Delivered fresh.

Group 894


Ready to eat in 3 minutes.

Group 905


Skip a week or cancel at any time.


Scone Blueberry Eggs

Blueberry Scone

w/Scrambled Eggs
  • Calories 408 | Carbs 35G
    Fat 20G | Protein 22G
Bulgogi Chicken Meatballs

Bulgogi Chicken Meatball

w/ Udon Noodles
  • Calories 391 | Carbs 38G
    Fat 15G | Protein 26G
Paleo Bulgogi Chicken Meatball

Beyond Bulgogi Meatballs

w/ Purple Potato Glass Noodles
  • Calories 335 | Carbs 30G
    Fat 15G | Protein 20G
Plant Based Paleo
Paleo Bulgogi Chicken Meatballs

Bulgogi Chicken Meatball

w/ Purple Potato Glass Noodles
  • Calories 390 | Carbs 36G
    Fat 14G | Protein 30G
Thai Chicken Bowl

Beyond Pad Thai

w/ Rice Noodles
  • Calories 392 | Carbs 40G
    Fat 17G | Protein 22G
Plant Based
Thai Chicken Bowl

Pad Thai Chicken

w/ Rice Noodles
  • Calories 385 | Carbs 38G
    Fat 14G | Protein 29G
Paleo Thai Glazed Chicken

Thai Chicken

w/ Vegetables
  • Calories 239 | Carbs 9G
    Fat 11G | Protein 26G
Paleo Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Meatloaf

w/ Purple Potato Mash
  • Calories 352 | Carbs 24G
    Fat 12G | Protein 37G
Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Meatloaf

w/ Cauliflower Mash
  • Calories 394 | Carbs 13G
    Fat 22G | Protein 26G
Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Meatloaf

w/ Yukon Mashed Potatoes
  • Calories 459 | Carbs 50G
    Fat 12G | Protein 42G
Paleo Chicken and Beef Fajita

Portobello & CHKN Fajita Bowl

w/ Butternut Squash
  • Calories 252 | Carbs 29G
    Fat 4G | Protein 25G
Plant Based Paleo
Beef and Chicken Fajita

Beef & Chicken Fajita Bowl

w/ Mixed Rice
  • Calories 382 | Carbs 47G
    Fat 13G | Protein 34G


1. Do you have different diet plans?

Yes. We offer 4 different types of meal selections and they are Paleo, Keto, Traditional and Vegan (Plant-Based).

2. Is this a subscription based service?

Answer: Yes. We are a weekly subscription based service and we process your membership every Monday.

3. What do I Do with the cooler bags and Ice Pack(s)?

We kindly request that cooler bags are left out on Sunday or Monday (depending on delivery date) so that the driver is able to replace the bag with your new delivery every week. We encourage ice packs be left in the bag, however, it is not required.

4. Is it the same menu every week?

No. We offer a variety of meal options weekly and every week we offer different meals to choose from. Our menu currently offers 4 weeks of different meals and will continue to grow. You are able to select your own meals. Our menu is up by Tuesday and off by Sunday. If by Monday no selections are made our system will automatically select Prime Meals Choice for you so that you are not left without a delivery.
Michael Tanacs
May 7, 2023.
By far the best meal plan service in South Florida. The food is always fresh, never frozen, and made by high quality ingredients. Although prices have gone up since I first signed up, the value is still incredible. Using this service allows me to eat healthy and a ton of money at the same time. Their customer service and attention their clients is also top notch.
Mario Garcia
April 26, 2023.
Great meals and fantastic value.
Angela Bouliakis Andronis
April 25, 2023.
Excellent customer service and delicious food. Ash and the team are always responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.
Jordan Hoffman
April 19, 2023.
Love Eat Prime Meals! Delicious food. Our kids love the Alfredo. I love the Trey French toast with strawberries. The rest are yum and quality food, vegan options, delivered. ! We have never had an issue with an order and have been a customer for months. One time we were going away and forgot to cancel the week and they even accommodated by holding the meals so I could it it up on the way home and not let it go to waste. Greta customer service. Love supporting a local business. Five star.
April 11, 2023.
Healthy tasty food, great customer service.
Kristina Calicchio
March 30, 2023.
Tasty, healthy, and fresh meals delivered directly to your home and always at the promised time. Excellent customer service.
Lisa Gilbert
March 28, 2023.
Very helpful
March 26, 2023.
Excellent Service and quality of food. The system that is used, delivery, and customer service are top-notch.
Alain Aguilar
February 24, 2023.
If you’re looking to make a life change decision having your healthy meals prepared with quality and fines, look no further than Prime Meals. They have the best choices and the best selection on their menus. I truly recommend them!!!
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