Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime Meals?

We are a weekly Subscription of delicious and nutritious meals, chef prepared and delivered to you fresh (never frozen!). We are devoted to making every meal prepared by our chefs and nutritionists, affordable, healthy and on time. We have dedicated our time in shopping, chopping, cooking, packaging and delivering each order with our members health concerns and time in mind. We take the complications out of eating right so that the hassles are removed; and the betterment of our members health goals are achieved. We value our members time, this way it can be used for more important tasks such as spending it with family, friends, networking or simply laying back and chill-laxing.

Where are your meals cooked?

We make our meals in our fairly large kitchen (1000’s of-square feet!) located in Pembroke Pines, FL. We utilize small batch equipment to produce large quantities of meals to maintain quality and freshness of our chef prepared meals.

How does Prime Meals work?

1. Pick your plan: Choose from 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 meals per week. You have the option to change the selected meal plan on an order-by-order basis.
2. We deliver your meals fresh: We utilize our state-of-the-art delivery process to deliver and track (“Where’s My Delivery”) your Prime Meals order with our dedicated driver(s) directly to your home or office. You won’t need to be at home or the office to be notified your order has been delivered, we can notify you though text (mobile charges may apply depending on your carrier) or email. Our cooler bags are designed to insulate the meals to the appropriate cool temperature for up to 8 hours from time of delivery.
3. Once the insulated cooler bag is retrieved, we suggest the immediate removal of the meals from the cooler bag and into your cold refrigerator.
4. Simply eat and repeat: Your meals can be heated and ready to eat within 3 minutes by method of microwave. We also recommend 2 other simple methods to heat the meals by stove or oven if you have the time. Instructions can be found here: How it Works Your feedback is always appreciated so that we can continue cooking your favorite meals.

How can I chat with Prime Meals?

We offer a few convenient ways to chat with! Our highly trained extraordinary Customer Management staff is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns 24/7.
a. Text or call us at <class=”fa fa-phone”>833-85-PRIME
b. Chat with us directly online by clicking the chat square to the side.
c. Click the Contact Us page at the bottom of any of our screens.
d. DM us on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter social media pages.
I want to collaborate with Prime Meals!
We would love to work with you!

What is the difference between Prime and Prime Protein meals?

Our Prime meals menu provides a well balanced better-than restaurant take-out meals and is crafted to maintain a healthier lifestyle. This includes our signature meal menu.
Our Prime Protein meals are curated with the intention of higher protein goal. It can be higher or lower carb options and perfectly selected vegetables to maintain both micro and macro nutrients for a balanced athletic lifestyle goal.
Both are full flavored and chef-cooked with our members enjoyment in mind.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver throughout all South Florida. We are expected to open more locations. So please register, and let us know your location so that we may be able to notify you once we are in your area.

How Do I Get Started:

It’s simply Prime Meals! Click “Sign Me Up”, select your required number of meals, follow the steps provided, select your preferred Prime Meals and you’re all set. We will provide you the day-of-delivery and we will notify you when your meals have been delivered.
You are welcome to Contact Us, and a dedicated extraordinary Customer Relations Manager will be happy to assist you with the ordering process.

Where Can I Find the Nutritional Facts of the Meal(s)?

Each Prime meal can be located on our “On The Menu” page. This is where you will find a detailed description of the meal, the ingredients within the meal and the Nutritional Facts of each meal we prepare and cook.

How many servings is in each meal?

Each Prime meal(s) is a single serving, meant to curb unhealthy cravings of a large, portioned appetite. We provide the wight of each meal on our labels and on our site for all meal(s) in question. We also offer multiple portioned protein and sides you can choose to share or increase your meal size.

Do the meals have an expiration date?

Prime meals are chef crafted and meant to be fresh (never frozen)! We have a suggested use-by-date on each label and are good for approximately 5 days in the refrigerator. We recommend when selecting seafood meals to heat and eat those meals first. When meals are reaching the end of their shelf life and are unable to be consumed, freezing these meals will extend their expected shelf life for an extended shelf life. Just be sure to heat from frozen in the microwave immediately and allow additional time to reach the desired temperature of 165 degrees F internal Temperature.

Can I order larger portions?

We offer several options for larger portions and the prices range. You can choose between larger protein servings or side dishes with an additional fee as low as $1. These are defined as our “Al A Kart” menu options. This will replace one of your regular portioned meals.

How are my meals packaged?

We pride our delivery process in being efficient and great for the environment. We package our food in Go-Green recyclable containers that are BPA free. They are 28% lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic thermoforming, they are also 30% more efficient in recycling. We are guilt free when it comes to the environment including our frozen gel packs can be reused to keep your product or meals cold if using the included cooler bag or discarded by melting, cutting the plastic bag and discarding the gel solution in your garbage. Pouring down the drain is not recommended due to damage to your plumbing may occur.

How do I return the cooler bag?

First bag delivered in your initial delivery is complimentary (a gift from Prime Meals). Each delivery thereafter, prior to your delivery day we will initiate a courtesy reminder via text message (mobile charges may apply depending on your carrier). This will serve as a reminder to leave your cooler bag outside for your replacement cooler bag and meals. Please do not leave the gel pack(s) or used containers in the cooler bag. We replenish ice pack(s) upon each delivery.

How Do I Pay?

We accept all major credit cards and Debit cards including PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay. It’s suggested that you have more than one payment method on file to avoid any type(s) of delays as we will use your default payment on file and revert to a backup payment method should the default fail for any reason.

How Frequently am I Charged?

Once your first order has been placed you are charged immediately, then you’re charged weekly on the cutoff date provided. You will be able to identify this date on your “Welcome” email or “Order” page. The cutoff date is approximately 6 days prior to your next scheduled delivery.
It’s suggested that you have more than one payment method on file to avoid any type(s) of delays as we will use your default payment on file and revert to a backup payment method should the default fail for any reason.
No more charges are processed if your subscription is paused or cancelled, until your next scheduled delivery or if your subscription is reactivated.

Can I use Multiple Cards to Split my Subscription Payment?

We are only able to process once method of payment per subscription order, however, you can add multiple payment methods, credit cards or debit cards and select to change upon each ordered delivery as long as it is prior to the cutoff time.

Do You Offer any Discounts or Promotions?

We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable meal plans available with out a discounted rate. However, in some cases we do have offers for first time members, first responders and students. We also offer great referral programs for members that love to share their love of our meal(s). Please inquire with our Customer Care Managers (CCM) should a referral program become available. You will be informed.

Are you following any COVID-19 guidelines?

Our members and our staff’s health take the lead in our priorities. We take every precaution to manage food safety practices with utter importance. Each member of our staff is trained as well as continued training is taken and monitored to avoid contamination of any sort. We use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) provided by the FDA. We value our staff tremendously as they are our frontline in executing best business practices. We have a screening process at our facility entrance, should there be any illness detected, that person is sent home and required to provide clearance by a physician to return to work.

Is Your Facility Clean and What Steps are Taken to Insure it?

Without question!!! We take every precaution to manage food safety practices with utter importance. We take extreme measures when it comes to food safety. Each member of our staff is trained on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) provided by the FDA.
We also provide our staff with Continued Education (CE) in best business practices within our industry.
We take additional measures with regards to sanitation.
Our kitchen staff safety practices include:
1. Proper dress code including:
a. Face masks
b. Hairnets
c. Aprons
d. Gloves
e. Protective coats over there clothing
2. No Jewelry or watches are to be exposed during work hours.
3. No consumption of food or drinks are allowed in our kitchen area.
4. Frequent hand washing is required by each staff member.
5. Each utensil, pan, equipment used is required to go through our sanitation and washing process before it is reused for same or different ingredient.
6. Work areas are cleaned and sanitized between each prepped ingredient to restrict any type of contamination.
7. Our kitchen is deep cleaned and sanitized after each shift, this includes walls.

What Steps Are Taken to Insure Food Safety?

Food Safety is at the top of our priorities at Prime Meals. We have an executive team that is continuously trained on the process of sourcing the best viable ingredients. Food safety starts from the distribution of well sourced ingredients.
Once the ingredients are delivered to our Prime Meals facility, they are thoroughly inspected prior to entering our kitchen. If the ingredients are not of Prime Meals quality, they are simply rejected and returned. Upon approval, two of our dedicated Quality Control Advisors (QCA’s) are required to sign off on receiving.
The moment these ingredients are approved and are permitted in our facility they are removed from their packaging and placed in our own sanitized dedicated containers. Raw materials are labeled and placed in their locations so that there are no contaminations.
Our entire kitchen staff is ServSafe trained and reeducated frequently. We are up to date on CDC and FDA protocols.
When relocating ingredients from raw to cooked we take additional steps to confirm product is handled appropriately. This includes, washing of hands, sanitizing area of production and changing of gloves.

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